Innova Limited Edition "Dino Hunting" Color Glow Yeti Pro Aviar 2/3/0/1

Disc Color/Stamp Color/Weight: Glow Pink/Black Stamp/175g
Sold out


Limited Edition "Dino Hunting" Yeti Pro Plastic Aviar - Putter

Flight Numbers are Speed 2 | Glide 3 | Turn 0 | Fade 1 |

This Collaboration was between Jay Yeti Reading & artist Marm-O Set.  The idea was to do an homage to Jay's little brother who after twelve long years of trying to bust into Hollywood has finally got some big breaks.  Not only did he and is college buddy write "A Quiet Place" which was a blockbuster, he most recently wrote, directed and produced the movie "65" starring Adam Driver.  65 was in theaters nationwide and spent time as the #1 movie on Netflix.  We have a "Dino Hunting" Yeti that is out to assist Adam and Ariana as a nasty T-Rex is trying to hunt them down as they try to find their crashed space-ship's escape pod.  Don't Worry, Yeti has your back. 

The Yeti Pro Aviar is a straight flying putter that works well on the course too. We've developed the Yeti in a firm, grippy blend of Pro blend of plastic. It's somewhere between DX and R-Pro in both grip and firmness. The unique slightly concave top allows for a lower profile and a straighter flight than our other big bead models (KC Pro, JK Pro & Aviar Driver). The grippy firm plastic feels great in your hand in any weather.

All Discs are New and Unthrown

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