Legacy 2022 Halloween Glow Pinnacle Ghost 4/5/0/3

Weight: 177 grams
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2022 Halloween Glow Pinnacle Plastic Ghost - Midrange

Flight Numbers are Speed 4 | Glide 5 | Turn 0 | Fade 3 |

The Glow Ghost or Glhost (insert ghost emoji). Featuring a double stamped design this discs does not only fly great; it doubles as a spooky glowing Halloween decoration to put on the wall. This run of new Glow Pinnacle flies with added stability and a ton of glide to help keep the disc in flight for longer distance. It is the perfect disc for the gap between your strait midrange and your overstable headwind fighter. Light up the fairways and spark fear into your enemy’s hearts!

The Ghost is a midrange disc designed to fill the gap between your putters and fairway drivers. The Ghost was designed to be a straight flying disc capable of pin-point accuracy from the fairway as well as significant distance off the tee pad. Faster than traditional midranges, with greater glide, the Ghost maintains a nice fade at the end of its flight path. Currently available in Excel, Gravity, Pinnacle and Icon plastics. Having already earned high praise from numerous top professionals in the sport, the Ghost will become your go to mid-range of choice on the course.

All Discs are New and Unthrown

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