MVP Limited Edition "Wormhole" Cory Fausch Designed Neutron Orbital 11/5/-4.5/1

Disc Color/Weight: White/173g 1
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Neutron Plastic Orbital - Distance Driver

Flight Numbers are Speed 11 | Glide 5 | Turn -4.5 | Fade 1 | 

This Limited Edition "Wormhole" was Designed by Cory Fausch for us here at Titan Disc Golf.  There were & will Only be 100 of These Orbital's Stamped with this design. 

The Orbital is designed as the most understable driver in the acclaimed 21.5mm Distance class. Fans of the Wave, Inertia, and Impulse will find a familiar highly responsive character in the Orbital, as it can be manipulated onto a variety of lines relative to power level and release angles. Smooth throwers and those with modest driver power will maximize straight distance flights best with the Orbital. Power throwers will discover a range of roller, sky turn, and low ceiling finesse lines.


All Discs are New and Unthrown

Each Disc Available is Pictured Individually

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