Thought Space Athletics Ethos Synapse 12/5/-1.5/3

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Disc Color/Weight: Salmon/173g 2
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Ethos Plastic Synapse - Distance Driver

Flight Numbers are Speed 12 | Glide 5 | Turn -1.5 | Fade 3 | 

Striking a harmonious balance between distance and accuracy, the Synapse represents Thought Space Athletics' flagship entry into the true (pro) distance driver slot. Stable enough to handle big arm speed or stiff headwind, with just a hint of high-speed turn; the Synapse finds its equilibrium as the reliably stable long-bomber in your bag. Bridging the gap between the Animus and your favorite overstable high speed driver, the Synapse is a staple in any bag.

Behind the design:

Our "Grow your mind" concept  is about cultivating your imagination. To allow yourself to daydream and get lost in thought. Let go of self doubt because creativity is the catalyst  to progression. 

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