Thought Space Athletics Test Blend Nerve Temple 4/3/0/3

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Disc Color/Stamp Color/Weight: Reddish Pink/Hot Pink Stamp/173g
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Test Blend Nerve Plastic Temple - Putter

Flight Numbers are Speed 4 | Glide 3 | Turn 0 | Fade 3 | 

This new run of Temple approach putters is a special run in a new test blend Nerve plastic that adds a patchy color effect to make each disc more unique. Of course, it comes with the usual, fresh stamp design to set them apart in TSA release history.

The Temple was designed with a lower profile and comfortable hand feel for both forehand and backhand shots. With its reliable overstability, you will find yourself reaching for the Temple no matter what the elements throw at you.

All Discs are New and Unthrown

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